Body Merry: First Impresssion

Happy Friday Everyone!
I wanted to introduce you to Body Merry and amazing natural skincare product! Make sure to read all the way to end to find out which product am loving the most!
Stretch Marks and Scars

Stretch Marks is the beauty marks that billions of  people in the word have and majority of those people are ashamed of "it".  You can get stretch mark from growth spurt when you are young, from weight gain , from pregnancy or just any kind of hormonal changes.

  I have had my stretch marks for as long as I can remember. There was period of years, I would only wear pants because I didn't want people to see "it" however after many years I grown to love them and accept there are part of me. Today my closet  is 99% dresses, skirt, shorts and 1% pants. Although I have accepted my stretch mark and can  now rock dress with confidence doesn't mean I am not anything to help it fade away. The difference is that am not obsession about them am going to work with them and make the best. I  have tried store bought products and home remedies and have yet to find one that works and I have fallen in love.

I was very happy when Body Merry sent me this to try, it's made out organic and natural ingredients. I have only been using if for 5 days and I love it so far.  I will write an update review in 3 week about the effectiveness. I am hopeful that it will be amazing based on all the Customer Reviews on Amazon, this cream works

Recommendation:  Coming Soon!

Cellulite Defense

Ok if you like me and you don't have cellulite or don't think you do, you are probably thinking this is  not for me but is exactly why this product is for you. For example your never had cavities but you brush your teeth every morning? Why? To prevent cavities :) So just because you don't have cellulite right now doesn't mean you shouldn't do things to prevent them. Body Merry offer product that if for people that currently have cellulite and those which prevent future cellulite. So to my fellow none cellulite at the moment people I urge you to not to discard cellulite prevention methods now because some where down the road you don't want to wish you hadn't.

People spend thousands of dollars to get ride of their cellulite.  Body Merry is giving you a cheaper solution for only18 dollars!

Recommendation:  Coming Soon! After I have used longer than 5 days :) 

Eye Gel

Thoughts: Due to the amount of time spent starring at computer screens, phone screens , IPad screens and TV screens my eye began twitching lately and I couldn't figure out what was wrong.

I took a night off from technology to try fix the twitch and that didn't work. Someone suggested that my eyes might be dry and so I decided to apply the magic miracle eye gel on my eyes and  I am so lucky that I did. My eye twitch stopped and now I can go back to spending countless amount of time staring at a screens.  I put this Eye Gel on my eyes every night and every morning since then.

Recommendation:  Yes, it keep your eye healthy and if you like me and spend most of you day look at a screen this will help lessen the pressures on your eyes.

Thank you so much for reading,
Oby Grace

Make sure to check back for next update!

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