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Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

I wore this outfit last week on my flight to North Carolina. Our first top was Asheville, NC , and it was simply breathtaking. It was raining and cloudy while we were there but I fell in love with the city. I am planning a trip in the fall to go back and see it when the leaves are changing color. We arrived late on our first day so the only thing we got to do was drive on the Blue Ridge parkway and it was breathtaking. 

If you are planning a summer trip, I suggest putting Asheville on your list I promise you will love it!

Sweater:Aeropostale | Cardigan:Similar | Pant:Similar | My friends boots: Caterpillar

Thank you
Oby Grace


  1. Fun and beautiful photos! Such a cute sweatshirt!

    Doused In Pink

  2. I absolutely LOVE that sweatshirt! So cute! Beautiful photos!

  3. Love these photos and you look great in this casual look!

  4. hehehehehe, Grace! I love these snaps and THAT shirt graphic says is ALL. LOL

    {this says simple sequins but i'm at renaesrepertoire now.} Your comment as drop down box needs it to say "Name/URL" then it will allow me to be linked up correctly. love ya!!!!

  5. Really cool outfit, and looks like you had a blast!
    Please come share your pix at http://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2015/03/the-beautiful-almond-tree.html

  6. I've been dying to go to Asheville! It's about five away from me, so I'm looking for the perfect weekend to make the trip.


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