POPSUGAR: September Must Have Box

Happy Friday everyone! 

 Today I am partnering with POPSUGAR to share their  September Must Have Box , I loved everything in the box but make sure you read all the way to end to find which one was my favorite. 

Also POPSUGAR is offering a coupon code  SHOP5  (which never expires) to get $5 off your first box.  

I am one of those people that collect Deep Conditioning Mask to try out and see which ones works the best. And I love this mask it has everything I typically look for in conditioner such as  no sulfates, no silicones , no parabens. It leaves my hair hydrated and moisture afterward.  We will be adding this to my wash day routine. 

2. FLINT Link Roller 

This is the perfect item for the girls on the go. I love the sleek and compact design of it. It will fit in your purse perfectly and the roller is refillable once you run out of paper.

3. JACK & LUCY Bicoastal Wide Brim Hat 

Nothing says a chic fall style without wide-brimmed hat, blanket scarf and sunglasses. Style this with your perfect fall outfit and everyone will be copying your look before you know it. 

4. NCLA Mani-ER Tool Kit 

Another item for the girl on the go, it fits perfectly in your purse.  It kit comes with everything you need to create a cute manicure so when you have a spare minute in your busy schedule you make sure you nail is on point.

Red Lipstick + wide-brim hat + scarf = the essentials needed to create a perfect fall outfit. I love lipstick, I am excited to be rocking this color this fall. 

OMG this is amazing! I am a snacker not foodie so this is perfect for me. This is so good and I will be ordering more of it!  The best thing about it is that it's vegan, gluten-free bites made without GMOs or diary so I can eat 10 packs of it in one day without feeling guilty. 

Thank you for stopping by! 
Oby Grace

This post is sponsored by POPSUGAR but all opinion are mine . 

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  1. I love the mani-ER kit, so cute!! Great hat, too. What a fun box!



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