P is for Practice

Happy Halloween Everyone! What are you dressing up as? 

I was originally going to dress up as Storm from X-Men but I have to wake up in 3 hours to do a 3 hours drive back home from Boston and I am exhausted haven't slept more than 4 hours sleep the past 4 days so I might just sleep all  day tomorrow but we shall see :) 

Let talk about today post: First of all to my ladies that put on and wear fake eyelashes all day. I give your props.  Ever single time I have  ever had someone put on fake eyelashes one me I  rip them off after the first 5 minutes because it feels like a bird is perched on my eyes
So, I wanted to learn how to do it for myself so when Rosegal sent me a pack of 10 natural eyelashes I was excited and nervous. PS. The eyelashes didn't  come with lash glue so make sure you have one ready.  It took me about 30 minutes to put on and about 15 minutes to take off ( ripped them off as soon as we finished close up shots for this look).  I can't say if I love or hate them. I am  just not used to have anything other mascara and eyeliner on my eyes. I will keep practicing with my new pack and maybe one day in the future I will be able to put them on in 5 minutes and wear them the whole day. Practice makes perfect right?

Blouse: H&M | Skirt: Lauren Conrad Collection
Headpiece: Rosegal (c/o) | Fake Eyelashes: Rosegal   (c/o)
Shoes: Similar

Thank you for stopping by! 
Oby Grace


  1. This is lovely.

  2. I love those shoes soooo much


  3. Sweet! The close-ups look really gorgeous!

  4. Fab photos, the setting of the woods always makes fabulous backdrop doesn't it? Nice skirt, paired well with the blouse. Jacqui

  5. I was home, sick with the flu for Halloween...
    I think this looks fab and I have total hair envy.

  6. I hope you caught up on your sleep! Love this look :)

  7. I love your hair piece! I hope you drove safe and able to catch up on some sleep!



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