How to Get More Engagement on Instagram

Happy Friday everyone! I am excited to share a new series I will be sharing on the blog. As a  blogger, Instagram is a big part of my marketing and networking tool. I am trying to learn as much about the way Instagram and how to optimize well. With this series I will be sharing what I have  learned so far and hope that it helps other people with their Instagram journey. 

So for today we are going to be taking about : Instagram Pods  I will answer the 3 W's (what, who and why)

1. What is is an Instagram pods?
                             Instagram Pods are a group of Instagrammers who a join together to support each other with the process of growing their account through engagement.  The goal of Instagram pods is to create communities that will exchange likes and comment on each others post. 

2. Who participates in an Instagram pod?
             Create a group message on Instagram and add everyone you want to add your pod.  However, I suggest creating a niche community of people with similar (IG) interest as you for example if you are you are fashion blogger maybe your IG pod will be just for bloggers.  You could also be as specific as you want for instance your Instagram pod could only  consist of "Boston bloggers"  with such a specific community it gives you the chance to meet and interest online and offline with people in your area.

3. Why is good it good for engagement?  

           It's not secret that likes/comment help you Instagram grow and with the new Instagram algorithm, these pods are a great way to hack it and in the process you can create communities with like-minded people.  Group members of the pod will like and comment on the post of other in the group as soon as it goes live to let Instagram know that is important and receiving engagement and should not be buried in people's feed.

4. How many Instagram pods can you be in?
         You can be in as many as you can handle  but you have to remember that for each pod you are in, you are committing to interacting with each and every post shared on the group message. And if it's become too much you can always tell the group you are leaving or mute the conversation until you are already to fully commit to it.

Now it's time for you to start your own Instagram pod. Gather about 5-15 instagrammers you would like to be in your pod and then start getting to know then and engaging with their content.

If I missed something or you have a question about Instagram Pods please comment below or send me and email at



  1. So interesting! Navigating the new Instagram algorithm has been tough. I'll look into this!


  2. I haven't heard of these before! Interesting to look into for growing engagement. Instagram can be so hard to grow on!

  3. Hi there, Oby. First off, I just randomly came across your blog through a link-up of a link-up and your post was featured, so I opened it up because I am kinda obsessed with the name Oby!!! Not gonna lie, I really want to name my first kid Oby! Gaaaah, love it!

    Secondly, I am in the midst of trying to become more consistent on Instagram. I've been pretty craptastic when it comes posting on a regular basis.

    Like the commenter above, this is the first time I've heard of an Instagram pod as well. It really is a brilliant idea. Can you recommend a couple ideas on how to go about finding a pod(s) to become a part of? Any suggestions would be so wonderful. Thanks so much, Oby.

    BTW, you're gorgeous! Your posts inspire me to want dress up in something other than workout and dance attire every once in a while. And even though he'd never admit this, I'm sure my husband would love that;-)

    Thanks again!

  4. That's awesome! I know of FB support groups for Instagram and other social media but this is the first I hear of PODS.

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