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Summer has finally arrived this week in Connecticut and it is time to change our winter skincare routine for summer.  Summer is all about using products that will protect you from the heat and keep your skin moisturizer.  Today I am going to be sharing some of my favorite products you need this summer.

First of this smells like chocolate and vanilla!  It absorbs into your skin quickly and leaves your skin with an added glow.  I love the travel bottle I can throw it in my bag and always have lotion handy. This lotion locks in moisture and help with itchy and dry skin.

If you are spending time in the sun make sure you are applying sunscreen. People always ask me why do you use sunscreen you are not going to get burnt. And my answer is not mattered what the color of your skin is you can still get skin damage if you are in the sun too long. On really hot days, I combine my sunscreen with my moisturizer to get the best coverage and sun protection. 

This cream is so light and hydrating. I apply it every night after removing my makeup.

This cream will your face hydrated and it's perfect for people with sensitive skin. I usually apply it in the morning right before I do my makeup.

I love doing peel-off mask and this one from Freeman is my favorite and I have had it for ages. I don't do it as often as you should. Typically do this mask 2 times a month when I feel like my skin needs a little more attention. 

OMG  if you have never tried Tumeric face mask stop reading this right now and google a recipe I promise you will never go back. Here are some benefits of why you should be using Tumeric in your skincare regiment. It will give you glowing skin, helps with acne. It is a natural cleanser. Will get rid of dark circles and many more amazing benefit. Also it a natural teeth whitener. 

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Oby Grace

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Thank you so much to Vaseline for sending me their product to try out. This is not sponsored all opinion are my own. 

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  1. Surely moisturisers that smell like chocolate are a win win ;)

    Vivian | LIVE . IN . LOVE



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