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Style can be defined as what you wear and how you carry yourself. But an important part of style can't be seen or touched but smelled.  You can't capture your scent in a picture but the perfect scent brings your look together and defines who you are. Smell is one of your strongest sense and is one of the easiest ways to trigger a memory. Having the right scent can create a mood and moment that will last forever.

 I am currently loving the Mugler Angel Fragrance I would describe it as a sexy and dark scent.  Angel is an addictive fragrance with "airy fresh facets, delicious mouth-watering aromas and mysterious notes that capture the essence of sensuality. Angel evokes the emotion of joyful memories with a sense of dreamlike infinity".  It one of those scents that get better the longer you wear it. It is the perfect scent for a strong, confident woman that wants to stand out in a crowd.   

Special Thank you to ANGEL x La Maison du Chocolat for sponsoring this post! All opinions are my own.

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Oby Grace

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  1. Love the pic of you "sleeping" with the fragrance - so beautiful. I can't believe how long this fragrance has lasted, such a true classic. found you on visible mondays.


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