Where Have I been?

Hi, ciao, hello, It ‘s been a long time since I posted on this blog. I have forgotten how to do it! It’s strange coming back here and having to sit down and actually write and create content that is more than just an instagram post and caption. I have wanted to come back to the blogging world but the idea has been daunting. So man question about what, whys and what ifs. So today I post this post just to start…because I know that if I wait for the right time or perfect moment to come that moment is never going to happen. You just have to start somewhere and today am starting and will promise myself to stay on this journey until it’s no longer fun. So today I will share some highlight of where I have been in the past year through some of my favorite moment posted on Instagram

 1.Visited Huntington Beach for the first time and got to dress fancy for a wedding.
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2. Got VIP tickets to see Bruno Mars absloutely amazing! 
3. Road tripped to so many new places (  Joshua Tree, Solvang, Palm Spring, Salvation Mtn, Santa Barbara, Vegas, Catalina Island  and so many more)
4. frolicked and frozen my body in pacific ocean 
5. Moved out and moved into my second Apt in LA
6. Explored so many new part of LA and discovered hidden gems in the process
7. Worked on set for so many great shows  ( Glow, How to Get away with Murder and many more) 
8. was featured in a ClassPass digital Ad.
9. Got to collaborate with so may amazing brands
10. Saw my family after 2 years 

Thank you so much for catching up with me today!
Come back next time! 

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  1. Welcome back to your blog, these photos are amazing

    New and loud


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